Friday, September 14, 2012

Stock Pack - Jack Daniel's Bottles

These were taken for use on the Dead Man Hand cover.

These are high quality, 300 dpi PNG files that have not had much editing done to them. Some of the edges are a little rough but can be easily cleaned up.

Download: deviantArt


For the most part, you can use these for most any project that is non-commercial, as long as you:

• DO NOT redistribute my stock in any way, for profit or not.
• DO NOT use my stock in conjunction with something you found on Google or some other site that is not a valid resource. That is copyright infringement (which is illegal) and I will not be associated with it.
• DO NOT use my stock for anything promoting hatred, prejudice, or showing animal cruelty.
• DO NOT use any of my stock for pornographic or fetish work.
• DO NOT use my stock to create more stock.

For commercial use, you must pay $20 and cover or edit out all Jack Daniels logos/info (due to copyright reasons). I would also like to see the work before you post it so that I can verify you covered all logos/info. If you don’t do this and I find it on a commercial project (print, cover, ect…), then I will take action.  Payment can be sent through PayPal.

A full copy of the rules is included in the pack.

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