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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beware a visit from Gryla!

Made for zemenz for the Secret Satan Exchange hosted by dA-Morgue

Meet Grýla, mystical giantess of Iceland & mother of the Yule Lads.  She devours naughty children. 

I had originally wanted to do the Yule Lads, but I got flooded with last minute commissions & my daughter got sick (then passed it on to me) I didn't have anywhere near the amount of time to work on the project.  Yule Lads next year, I promise.  I'm not overly familiar with the legend of Grýla, and there really wasn't much about her online as far as how she would look.  I ended up crossing her between the newer, old lady/witch version with the horned oger pics I found.  It's still missing something, so I may make a few changes later.

Icelandic Translation: Beware a visit from Grýla!  (I used Google so it might be way off)

Stock Used:

Woman - Dollar Photo Club…

Horns - Horns psd

Eyes -  Eye Iris Brushes

Tree - Dollar Photo Club…

Background - Premade Background

Blood - Blood Drip

Font - Note This…

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Doctor Who

I couldn't resist doing a Doctor Who themed piece for FenCon this year.  I initially planned on just having a general TARDIS pic, but at some point the lighting coming out of the windows ended up looking a lot like a regeneration.  I find this ironic since we are getting a new doctor later this month, but I've been left at a total loss of what to call it.

The overall process was fun, and I really enjoyed making the gas giant.  I wanted to put rings around it, but could never get them to come out right.  The most tedious work was the TARDIS.  The base image, while a police box, looking nothing like it does now.  I made the top signs & the door sign.  I had to completely redo the front doors but copying the visible side panel and adjusting it to fit.  There is a side-by-side comparison on my Facebook page if you want to see it. 

Funny story:  the comparison pic caused some hilarity.  My friend's sister saw it after he shared it on his page.  She glanced at it and thought that the 'before' pic was taken in my backyard (the fences look similar).  She immediately came running over with her phone to take pictures of it.  Her trip resulted in being barked at by my dogs. 

There will be a canvas print available for sale at FenCon in the art auction.  I'm looking into getting some small posters printed as well to sell at my table. 


Stock Used:

     Base -…
     Font - Gill Sands MT…
     Light beans -… &…
     Wood Texture -…

Background -
     Planet & star field -…
     Nebulas -…
Gas Planet - camille-besneville.deviantart.… (tutorial) &… (base texture)

Comets -…

Friday, July 11, 2014

Grassman Process Images

Here is the work progression on the Grassman for the Dead Man Ohio cover.  Most of the detail work that went into it was lost once I covered over to the cartoon look, so this way you can see what I did.   These are all screencaps that I was sending to T.M. so she could see the work I was doing.  If you have any questions about what I did, feel free to ask in the comments.

1.  This is the original picture I took of my husband in our office.  The background has been removed and is on a transparent layer.

2.  Using the hair brushes, I layered from the bottom up using a two-tone color to created the body fur.  I thickened his eyebrows, added long hair (same brush, just larger size), and added a beard.  I went back in with some lighter and darker colors to give some depth.

3.  Using the skin wrinkly brushes, I added lines to the face to give it a more leathery, aged appearance. 

4.  I fixed his eye, sharpened the teeth, and covered over his metal cap on the bottom back molar.  I also a soft round brush and blackened in around the eyes, then set the opacity very low to give it a shadowed look.

5.  The lengthened the teeth some more and darkened the skin in.  I also added the skin wrinkles to the hands and drew longer fingernails. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Guss vom Krampus

Secret Satan Exchange 2013 gift for ramsesmelendeze | Hosted by dA-Morgue

What's Christmas without a visit from the Krampus?  What's a Krampus you ask?  Back in the day, long before Christianity, naughty children were visited by the Krampus during the Krampus Festival (first week of December).  After the creation of Santa, he pretty much rode shot-gun with Santa and would punish the naughty by either licking them with his very long tongue or whipping them with birch branches.  Eventually he was replaced with Santa giving you coal if you were bad, but he's been making a comeback the last 10 years or so.  I first learned of the Krampus when watching the Very Venture Christmas Special (GO TEAM VENTURE!).

I had way more fun with this one than I should have.  The base model used is my husband, who I harassed for close to two weeks before I could get him to agree to pose for some stock images.  He wasn't overly thrilled at first, but as work progressed he liked it.  The tongue is his, as well is the nose, ear, teeth & nails.  I don't think I will be putting u pa stick pack for this one.

'Gruss vom Krampus' is German for "Greetings From Krampus".  It was one of the standard greetings on the Krumpus cards given out during the festival.

Stock Used:

Model: Jason Rogers (my husband; my own stock)
Tongue & Shoulder Strap - Jason Rogers & Jason's belt (my own stock)
Background - :iconsinned-angel-stock: sinned-angel-stock.deviantart.…

Fur -…

Eyes - :iconfeavre:…

Horns - :iconartelanas:…

Bells - :iconholy-win:…

Chains - :icond-is-for-duck:…

Barrel - :iconlucieg-stock:…

Naughty Child - :icondarkmaiden-stock:…

Branches - :iconsoldatnordsken:…

Font - Schwabacher…

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Holiday Fun

Been having some fum with my holiday gift guide on the other site.  Here is the banner I made for this year.

I seriously had way too much fun with this.  I may have to find a different theme next year.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Neil Armstrong
August 5, 1930 - August 25, 2012

The first man to walk on the moon.  A true hero.

Stock Used:
Moon - oblivionmasquerade
Stars - kuschelirmel
Font - OptimusPrinceps SemiBold

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DAC "Supernatural Love Story" Entry

Level 2 entry for Dark Art Challenges "Supernatural Love Story" Theme

Neither would ever be able to move on from this night. The Lady would know only pain and sorrow the rest of her days. The murdered Lord would forever haunt her steps, unable to comfort her while watching her once vibrant being waste away to nothing...a fate worse than death.

Stock Used:
Background - e-dina  **Required Stock **
Man - falln-stock
Woman - mjranum-stock
Roses - e-dina