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Friday, July 11, 2014

Grassman Process Images

Here is the work progression on the Grassman for the Dead Man Ohio cover.  Most of the detail work that went into it was lost once I covered over to the cartoon look, so this way you can see what I did.   These are all screencaps that I was sending to T.M. so she could see the work I was doing.  If you have any questions about what I did, feel free to ask in the comments.

1.  This is the original picture I took of my husband in our office.  The background has been removed and is on a transparent layer.

2.  Using the hair brushes, I layered from the bottom up using a two-tone color to created the body fur.  I thickened his eyebrows, added long hair (same brush, just larger size), and added a beard.  I went back in with some lighter and darker colors to give some depth.

3.  Using the skin wrinkly brushes, I added lines to the face to give it a more leathery, aged appearance. 

4.  I fixed his eye, sharpened the teeth, and covered over his metal cap on the bottom back molar.  I also a soft round brush and blackened in around the eyes, then set the opacity very low to give it a shadowed look.

5.  The lengthened the teeth some more and darkened the skin in.  I also added the skin wrinkles to the hands and drew longer fingernails.