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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sunset After the Storm

We had some nasty storms come through a few hours ago.  The rain has been stopped for a while but it's still very cloudy, giving this very beautiful sunset.  Everything was in an orange haze, and the further your moved away from the sunset, the blue was very vibrant.  The picture overall doesn't do the colors justice...but this was the best one out of the group I took.  The others kept coming out blood red due to the way the light was filtering.

The only edit I did was to use Worm Wire to remove the power lines, which were running across the middle of the image.

Prints available on deviantArt.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Outdoor Life - Pelican

I was on vacation last week, and got a chance to test out the new lens on something other than squirrels.  This guy was overly friendly, but had a sadistic streak a mile long.  He let me walk right up to him and take pictures.  He seems to like the attention and was preening.  When he realized that I was going to follow him around, he started moving up and down the fishing pier.  At one point he flew off into the water by the shore where my family was sitting on a bench.  After I trudged all the way back down the pier and almost to the bench, he flew back to the pier...making sure to fly directly over me along the way.  He was a smug little bastard when I got back over to him.  The guy fishing at the other end of the pier was laughing.

Location - Port Aransas, Texas

Outdoor Life - Cat 1

This is one of the kittens running around at my parents.  He followed me around while I was trying to get pics of the hummingbirds.

Available as a print on deviantArt.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Ser Knight

I went out to Four Winds Renaissance Faire a few weeks back and was able to get a lot of pictures of the jousting tournament.  I figured that I would use them as part of a stock pack.  When I was going back through them, this one stuck out from all the rest.  This was taken right after the melee battle.

Outdoor Life - Squirrel 2

This is the same squirrel from the earlier photo...he's just hanging upside down from the bird seed bell on my porch.

This is available for prints at deviantArt and Fine Art America.

Outdoor Life - Squirrel 1

I've been experimenting with my lens (55-250mm) by taking pictures of the neighborhood critters.  I've been putting out bird seed for the birds, and now have a legion of squirrels up on the porch every day.  They now have gotten somewhat friendly and I am able to stand outside the door and take pictures of them.  The new lens really helps since I can get really good closeup shots.

This is available for prints at deviantArt and Fine Art America.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wild! #1

Taken at Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, TX.
This was taken through the glass.

16x24 Convas - $450 (+ shipping) 

Rockport, TX - Bay

Part of the bay view from behind Charlotte Plummers Seafood Restaurant.
(Sorry for the small thumbnail.  It ran over the layout when I made it larger.)

Rockport, TX - Boat 1

This is the back of the boat that the pelican was on.

Framed 5x7 print - $45 (+ shipping)

Rockport, TX - Fishing

Entered into the Rockport 2013 Photo Contest

This is my 3 year old daughter enjoying fishing for the first time while on vacation.

Rockposrt, TX -- Crane 2

Here's another shot of our friendly crane. This is after he ate a fish.

Rockport, TX - Crane 1

While down in Rockport, I took my 3 year old daughter fishing for the first time. We were joined by a crane who was quite happy to hang around & pose for long as we gave him the smaller fish that we caught. I cropped this down a bit from the original image.

Rockposrt, TX - Pelican

I was down in Rockport, TX for vacation, and was able to get lots of photos down at the docks behind Charlotte Plummers Seafood Restaurant (great food!). Here is one of the many pelicans that were around.


16x20 Canvas - $450 (+ shipping)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012