Friday, July 11, 2014

Outdoor Life - Pelican

I was on vacation last week, and got a chance to test out the new lens on something other than squirrels.  This guy was overly friendly, but had a sadistic streak a mile long.  He let me walk right up to him and take pictures.  He seems to like the attention and was preening.  When he realized that I was going to follow him around, he started moving up and down the fishing pier.  At one point he flew off into the water by the shore where my family was sitting on a bench.  After I trudged all the way back down the pier and almost to the bench, he flew back to the pier...making sure to fly directly over me along the way.  He was a smug little bastard when I got back over to him.  The guy fishing at the other end of the pier was laughing.

Location - Port Aransas, Texas

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