Friday, July 11, 2014

Dead Man Ohio Cover

I love doing the covers for the Dead Man Mysteries....especially when I get to turn my own husband into an Ohio Grassman.  The majority of the detail work I put in was lost when converting it into the cartoon style, but I have several progression images for that which I will put up on my blog later so that you can see it.  It was a huge hit with everyone, and my sister-in-law included one of the preview pics in her computer class final project much to the amusement of her teacher.

The pig was actually T.M.s' son's pig that I went out and took photos of.  It kept running away from me, probably because I looked at it like it was a pile of bacon, so it took a bit to get a few pics.  I also edited out a lot of the branding on the police car.

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Stock Used:

Police Car - :icontheshelfs:…

Skeleton - :icontwins72-stocks:…

Pig - own stock used; pack coming soon

Bigfoot -  Base Model: Jason Rogers (my husband); fur:… ; wrinkles :iconbongistka:…

Skull (in branding) - :iconjennatalia:…

Fonts - BONES (title/author)… & Garamond (branding)

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