Sunday, November 10, 2013

Exclusive Stock Pack - Monster Amoung Us

This is all of the exclusive stock for Monsters Among Us

The wall photo was taken at the Ford-Green Cemetery in Mineola, TX. The burial mound, rock marker & double tombstone were taken at New Hope Cemetery, also in Mineola, TX. The wall has been left as is, and is 11733x7833 300 DPI. The other three have been cut out and are all PNGs @ 300 DPI. Some of the grass has been left around them to help with blending them into photomanipulations. Also, the names have been removed from the double tombstone out of respect for any living relatives.

This pack is available for use both non-commercial & commercial use for $50. You can pay with either points (dA) or by PayPal (contact me for info).

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