Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ghost Hunting Diary Volume V Cover

This one took me a few tries to get it going. Originally, I was going to use a photo of the actual house talked about in the 'Hell House' chapter. The photo was taken years before digital cameras came out and got really messed up every time I tried to adjust the brightness. So after some searching, I found a house that looked very similar and when from there. The shadow person is the same that is used for the team logo, but just in white. I used a few layers of fog brushes for the mist set at 40% to 50% opacity, then erased them down from that at about 42% opacity. That way it lost most of the detail to look like a very light mist. I also painted in the treeline in the background.

T.M. Simmons: Website [link] & Facebook [link]

Stock Used

House - :iconfairiegoodmother: [link]

Sky - :iconpurplestripedbrain: [link]

Grass - :iconfairiegoodmother: [link]

Lightning - [link] (bought commercial license)

Treeline (in background) - :icondierat: [link] & :iconcoffinkittie: [link]

Additional scrub around the house - :iconderangedhyena: [link]

Fence post - :iconfrostbo: [link]

Barbwire - :iconfrostbo: [link]

'No Trespassing' sign - :iconshowna-stock: [link]

Mist - :iconspiritsighs-stock: [link]

Shadow person - [link]

Font - OptimusPrincepsSemiBold

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