Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MP-1 Full Cover

C L is fixing to put MP-1 up for print on CreateSpace, so here is the full sized cover.  There were a few changes made, primarily adding in a spaceship & adjusting the size of the title.  I left the original solar flare in place to account for the lighting on the ship.  Now they can double as laser blasts.

C L Smothers Website - www.clsmothers.com

eBook:  Amazon
Paperback -  Coming Soon

Stock Used:

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Nebula - ineedfire.deviantart.com/art/N…

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Year Updates

It looks like 2015 is going to be a busy year.  I already have a few cover that I'm starting some prep-work for, and there are several that I know for sure that I will be doing during the year.

As far as conventions go, I've gotten a weekend pass for Who Fest 2.  I want to get a rent table, but I don't know how much they will be right now.  I also don't know if I will have much else besides the leftover FenCon posters...mostly due to time constraints & table info limbo.

FenCon will also be a go this year too.  I am planing on having buttons of varying sizes this year, possibly some books of authors I've done some covers for (possibly C.L. Smothers & Alexander Fernandez), steampunk jewelry (made by my mom), and some crochet/arm knit things in Doctor Who colors/theme.

I will also have some things out at the Beckham Spirit Fest too, but probably not a whole lot.

Beware a visit from Gryla!

Made for zemenz for the Secret Satan Exchange hosted by dA-Morgue

Meet Grýla, mystical giantess of Iceland & mother of the Yule Lads.  She devours naughty children. 

I had originally wanted to do the Yule Lads, but I got flooded with last minute commissions & my daughter got sick (then passed it on to me)...so I didn't have anywhere near the amount of time to work on the project.  Yule Lads next year, I promise.  I'm not overly familiar with the legend of Grýla, and there really wasn't much about her online as far as how she would look.  I ended up crossing her between the newer, old lady/witch version with the horned oger pics I found.  It's still missing something, so I may make a few changes later.

Icelandic Translation: Beware a visit from Grýla!  (I used Google so it might be way off)

Stock Used:

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Horns - Horns psd

Eyes -  Eye Iris Brushes

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Blood - Blood Drip

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The Wormhole Project Full Cover

This is the full sized cover for the print edition of The Wormhole Project.  I had some issues with Photoshop wanting to keep flattening all the layers on me at random, but I was able to get this one done pretty quick.

CL Smothers Website - www.clsmothers.com
Amazon - www.amazon.com/The-Wormhole-Pr…

Stock Used:

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Nebula - ineedfire.deviantart.com/art/N…
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Wormhole - distortion of background; used 'Create a Wormhole' tutorial for reference www.durbanwebdesign.com/index.…

Font - Super Retro M54 www.dafont.com/super-retro-m54… & Garamond

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Store Now Open!

I have officially opened my store via Squre: https://squareup.com/market/angela-rogers-2.  I'll be adding things to it as I have prints done & canvases done.  I will also have the option to pick up canvases if you live in the DFW area.

Right now, I have the Doctor Who prints up, and I will be adding some others things before Friday as well.  I have several canvases right now, but I'm not sure how much the shipping will be for those so they will be listed as 'Pick Up'.  If you want them shipping, I will have to get an estimate.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tears for a World Cover Wins Honorable Mention

The Tears for a World cover has won Honorable Mention in the 2014 MarCom Awards.  I'm very excited that I got any mention at all, being that there is a lot of strong competition in the contest.  I will definitely try to enter again next year.

Deliver Us From Evil Cover

This one was a fun one since I hadn't done a steampunk cover before.  The story itself isn't very heavy as far as stempunk goes & focuses more on the hell hounds/dark stuff, so I wanted the cover to reflect that.  I met the wonderful Evremonde VonWare at FenCon in September, when T.M. first started working on the story, and she was very excited to be the cover model.  She gave me free reign to use any of her photos. 

T.M. Simmons - www.iseeghosts.com

Amazon Link - Coming Soon!

Stock Used:

Model - Evremonde VonWare  www.facebook.com/queenvonware

House - :iconcd-stock: Abandoned 24

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