Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Store Now Open!

I have officially opened my store via Squre:  I'll be adding things to it as I have prints done & canvases done.  I will also have the option to pick up canvases if you live in the DFW area.

Right now, I have the Doctor Who prints up, and I will be adding some others things before Friday as well.  I have several canvases right now, but I'm not sure how much the shipping will be for those so they will be listed as 'Pick Up'.  If you want them shipping, I will have to get an estimate.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tears for a World Cover Wins Honorable Mention

The Tears for a World cover has won Honorable Mention in the 2014 MarCom Awards.  I'm very excited that I got any mention at all, being that there is a lot of strong competition in the contest.  I will definitely try to enter again next year.

Deliver Us From Evil Cover

This one was a fun one since I hadn't done a steampunk cover before.  The story itself isn't very heavy as far as stempunk goes & focuses more on the hell hounds/dark stuff, so I wanted the cover to reflect that.  I met the wonderful Evremonde VonWare at FenCon in September, when T.M. first started working on the story, and she was very excited to be the cover model.  She gave me free reign to use any of her photos. 

T.M. Simmons -

Amazon Link - Coming Soon!

Stock Used:

Model - Evremonde VonWare

House - :iconcd-stock: Abandoned 24

Sky -…

Eyes -…

Font - Renny Hybrid…

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I'm taking pre-orders on the Doctor Who poster prints I'm having done for FenCon.  They will be mailed in a flat mailing envelope using Joodlez's shipping method.  That way it will keep the cost down (because tubes are super expensive) and the posters shouldn't get creased.   

At this time, I will be shipping to US only.  Depending on how well they sell, I may open to international orders later.

Price: $8 each + $3 Shipping + PayPal fee ($0.64 for one poster)

You can determine the PayPal fee by using the Fee Calculator -

Please email me if you want more than one poster so that I can adjust the shipping cost for you.

Sending Payment:

Send full payment via PayPal to


US only.  No international orders.  The posters will be printed sometime after the 1st of September.  I will try to have all pre-orders out before FenCon.  Make sure to check back here or at my site for updates.  This is my first time shipping prints like this so it may take some time.

Cutoff Date:

You must have your pre-order in no later than September 1 @ midnight CST.

Doctor Who

I couldn't resist doing a Doctor Who themed piece for FenCon this year.  I initially planned on just having a general TARDIS pic, but at some point the lighting coming out of the windows ended up looking a lot like a regeneration.  I find this ironic since we are getting a new doctor later this month, but I've been left at a total loss of what to call it.

The overall process was fun, and I really enjoyed making the gas giant.  I wanted to put rings around it, but could never get them to come out right.  The most tedious work was the TARDIS.  The base image, while a police box, looking nothing like it does now.  I made the top signs & the door sign.  I had to completely redo the front doors but copying the visible side panel and adjusting it to fit.  There is a side-by-side comparison on my Facebook page if you want to see it. 

Funny story:  the comparison pic caused some hilarity.  My friend's sister saw it after he shared it on his page.  She glanced at it and thought that the 'before' pic was taken in my backyard (the fences look similar).  She immediately came running over with her phone to take pictures of it.  Her trip resulted in being barked at by my dogs. 

There will be a canvas print available for sale at FenCon in the art auction.  I'm looking into getting some small posters printed as well to sell at my table. 


Stock Used:

     Base -…
     Font - Gill Sands MT…
     Light beans -… &…
     Wood Texture -…

Background -
     Planet & star field -…
     Nebulas -…
Gas Planet - camille-besneville.deviantart.… (tutorial) &… (base texture)

Comets -…

Friday, July 11, 2014

Outdoor Life - Pelican

I was on vacation last week, and got a chance to test out the new lens on something other than squirrels.  This guy was overly friendly, but had a sadistic streak a mile long.  He let me walk right up to him and take pictures.  He seems to like the attention and was preening.  When he realized that I was going to follow him around, he started moving up and down the fishing pier.  At one point he flew off into the water by the shore where my family was sitting on a bench.  After I trudged all the way back down the pier and almost to the bench, he flew back to the pier...making sure to fly directly over me along the way.  He was a smug little bastard when I got back over to him.  The guy fishing at the other end of the pier was laughing.

Location - Port Aransas, Texas

Grassman Process Images

Here is the work progression on the Grassman for the Dead Man Ohio cover.  Most of the detail work that went into it was lost once I covered over to the cartoon look, so this way you can see what I did.   These are all screencaps that I was sending to T.M. so she could see the work I was doing.  If you have any questions about what I did, feel free to ask in the comments.

1.  This is the original picture I took of my husband in our office.  The background has been removed and is on a transparent layer.

2.  Using the hair brushes, I layered from the bottom up using a two-tone color to created the body fur.  I thickened his eyebrows, added long hair (same brush, just larger size), and added a beard.  I went back in with some lighter and darker colors to give some depth.

3.  Using the skin wrinkly brushes, I added lines to the face to give it a more leathery, aged appearance. 

4.  I fixed his eye, sharpened the teeth, and covered over his metal cap on the bottom back molar.  I also a soft round brush and blackened in around the eyes, then set the opacity very low to give it a shadowed look.

5.  The lengthened the teeth some more and darkened the skin in.  I also added the skin wrinkles to the hands and drew longer fingernails. 

Dead Man Ohio Cover

I love doing the covers for the Dead Man Mysteries....especially when I get to turn my own husband into an Ohio Grassman.  The majority of the detail work I put in was lost when converting it into the cartoon style, but I have several progression images for that which I will put up on my blog later so that you can see it.  It was a huge hit with everyone, and my sister-in-law included one of the preview pics in her computer class final project much to the amusement of her teacher.

The pig was actually T.M.s' son's pig that I went out and took photos of.  It kept running away from me, probably because I looked at it like it was a pile of bacon, so it took a bit to get a few pics.  I also edited out a lot of the branding on the police car.

Kindle Link: Coming Soon!

T.M. Simmons: Website & Facebook

Stock Used:

Police Car - :icontheshelfs:…

Skeleton - :icontwins72-stocks:…

Pig - own stock used; pack coming soon

Bigfoot -  Base Model: Jason Rogers (my husband); fur:… ; wrinkles :iconbongistka:…

Skull (in branding) - :iconjennatalia:…

Fonts - BONES (title/author)… & Garamond (branding)

The Wormhole Project eBook Cover v2

CL is working on getting The Wormhole Project ready for CreateSpace printing, and he wanted the cover to match up more with MP-1.  I used the same planet, background & moon from the MP-1 cover, and created the wormhole by distorting the nebula background in a separate layer.

The hardest part was finding the astronauts and satellite that was needed.  I eventually stumbled across Dollar Photo Club, a new stock site.  I had to get approved to join by sending them a line to my portfolio.  You can also get in if a member sends you an invite.  They have a lot of great stock and their prices are beyond reasonable.

Amazon -…

Stock Used:

Planet - :iconsuperiorgamer:…

Nebula - :iconineedfire:…

Moon - :icontheedeonknight:…

Astronauts/Satellite - Dollar Photo Club…

Wormhole - distortion of background; used 'Create a Wormhole' tutorial for reference…

Font - Super Retro M54…

Tears for a World Full Cover

The second part of the Tears of a World commission.  The back was made using the same background stock from the front.

EDIT:  Caught and fixed a few typos on the back in the book description.

Amazon Link - Coming Soon

Back Cover Stock

Background - :iconelandria:…

Foreground - :iconelandria:…

Sunbeams - hand drawn

Font - Garamond

Front Cover Stock

Background - :iconelandria:…

Foreground & Tree - :iconelandria:…

Sunbeams - hand drawn

Ivy -:iconmysticmorning:…

Woman in Tree - :iconmjranum-stock:…

Skeleton Woman Base Model - Dreamstime…

Hair (Skeleton Woman) - :iconcindysart:…

Skeleton Parts - :iconmarkopolio:… (back) &… (hands/arms)

Cracks - :iconxenomophaka:…

Dress - :iconpolicegirl01: designed & sewn by me; modeled on Barbie doll (stock pack available soon)

Font - Trajan Pro

Tears for a World eBook Cover

Here is the first half of a commission order for Tears for a World.  It the first in a fantasy trilogy that will be available in eBook & print (CreateSpace).  This one was a lot of fun, especially since it is my first hard-core fantasy design.  This took a lot longer then normal because of trying to get the woman in the tree to blend it (I had to start over several times) & because I had to make the dress.  I'm not used to using my sewing machine, so it took me a bit to get the hang of it.  The dress was made for a Barbie doll and modeled on one.  I originally tried painting the skin on it due to the difficulty of finding a model.  It ended up being too bright and not meshing in well at all, so I went back to looking for some model stock.

I also diverged a bit from the norm and used Perfect Effects 8 to help bring out the shadows, detail & to give it an overall surreal/fantasy look. 

Full Sized Cover -…
Amazon Link - Coming Soon

Stock Used:

Background - :iconelandria:…

Foreground & Tree - :iconelandria:…

Sunbeams - hand drawn

Ivy -:iconmysticmorning:…

Woman in Tree - :iconmjranum-stock:…

Skeleton Woman Base Model - Dreamstime…

Hair (Skeleton Woman) - :iconcindysart:…

Skeleton Parts - :iconmarkopolio:… (back) &… (hands/arms)

Cracks - :iconxenomophaka:…

Dress - :iconpolicegirl01: designed & sewn by me; modeled on Barbie doll (stock pack available soon)

Font - Trajan Pro

Outdoor Life - Cat 1

This is one of the kittens running around at my parents.  He followed me around while I was trying to get pics of the hummingbirds.

Available as a print on deviantArt.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Ser Knight

I went out to Four Winds Renaissance Faire a few weeks back and was able to get a lot of pictures of the jousting tournament.  I figured that I would use them as part of a stock pack.  When I was going back through them, this one stuck out from all the rest.  This was taken right after the melee battle.

Outdoor Life - Squirrel 2

This is the same squirrel from the earlier photo...he's just hanging upside down from the bird seed bell on my porch.

This is available for prints at deviantArt and Fine Art America.

Outdoor Life - Squirrel 1

I've been experimenting with my lens (55-250mm) by taking pictures of the neighborhood critters.  I've been putting out bird seed for the birds, and now have a legion of squirrels up on the porch every day.  They now have gotten somewhat friendly and I am able to stand outside the door and take pictures of them.  The new lens really helps since I can get really good closeup shots.

This is available for prints at deviantArt and Fine Art America.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Witch Angel Cover

Trana wanted me to go back and redo one of her Belgrave House covers to see if it would help generate some more sales.  We decided to experiment with the look a little to make it stand out from her other romances since this one is  more sexy/sensuous than the others.  She really likes it, so we may go back and redo the other ones as well at a later date.

I didn't have to do much with the model aside from adding extra facial hair and some chest hair to the man.  I added a bait of hair to the woman to help cover up a section where I wasn't able to remove the original background (dark grey) cleanly.  I blurred the models just slightly to give them a softer look and help them fit into the background better.  The font was the hardest to find since I wanted to use something that looked like old-time script to match the setting in the book. 

Quick Note: The cover will go live sometime next week.

Kindle Link:

Trana Mae Simmons: Website & Facebook

Stock Used:

Background -Dreamstime (provided by Trana Mae Simmons)

Couple - Hot Damn Stock (provided by Trana Mae Simmons)

Facial/Chest hair on man -…

Fonts - Garamond (Author & Slug) and Porcelain

DDRC Logo Design

This one started out as an entry for the DDRC Logo Contest last year.  I finished it and entered it in on January 15, literally a year ago.  I was contacted right before Christmas letting me know that I won and just needed to make a few little weeks.  The original version is live on the site right now, and the updated version should be up in a few days or so.

The full color version will be used for the website, newsletters & stickers.  The grayscale & inverted will be also be used on t-shirts, as well as anything that cannot be printed in color.

DDRC Site -