Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bittersweet Promises Cover v.2

This is the revamp of the Bittersweet Promises cover.  The original version of the cover only had the background image and title/author text, and was done quick since she had to get the book up with a limited amount of time. 

For the most part, there wasn't a lot to be done with this one except some clean up.  I added in facial and body hair on the man and evened out the woman's skin tone.  The hardest part was making the sweat.  I'm not overly satisfied with it, but I'm hoping to go back at a later date and fix it.

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Trana Mae Simmons: Website & Facebook

Stock Used:
Couple - HotDamnStock  (provided by Trana Simmons)
Background - Dreamstime (provided by Trana Mae Simmons)
Stubble - galagraphia
Body Hair - CreativeMac
Sweat - PlanetPhotoShop - Beads with Sweat Effect tutorial & RetouchPro - Sweat tutorial
Font - Chancery Cursive

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