Saturday, May 12, 2012

Montana Surrender Cover v.2

This is the new cover for Montana Surrender, a romance novel by Tran mae Simmons.  Like the original Bittersweet Promises cover, this one was only the background image to start.  Trana wanted something attention grabbing and spicy, and I think I pulled it off.

The guy, or really body in this case, didn't need much done.  I added on some hair on both the chest and arm.  The woman, on the other had, had a lot of work done.  First, I had to move the corsett up a bit and then paint out the black & white tube top.  Then I darkend her hair, then added in fallway locks on both sides.  Next, I added in the eyelashes then adjusted her overall skin tone.  The last bit I did was to extend the grass down in the background a bit so that the tree sat a little higher.

On a funnier note, I've noticed that this one seems to be a little too hot for many of the groups on dA.  It's been accepted then removed from three so far.

Kindle - Amazon
Trana Mae Simmons: Website & Facebook

Stock Used:
Man - Hot Damn Stock (provided by Trana Mae Simmons)
Woman - Dreamstime (provided by Trana Mae Simmons)
Background - Dreamstime (provided by Trana Mae Simmons)
Hair - lpdragonfly Set 1, Set 2 & Set 3
Body Hair - CreativeMac
Eyelashes - redheadstock
Font - Pristina

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