Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Wormhole Project Cover

The finished cover for the upcoming science fiction release of The Wormhole Project by CL Smothers.  This one was fun, mostly since CL had a very clear idea of what he wanted.  The hardest part was finding good star brushes.  The apple was my own creation, and I was super happy that I got a chance to create my own stock for a change.

Also, the binary code says 'The Wormhole Project', repeated several times.

Kindle Link - Coming Soon

Stock Used:
Apple - policegirl01 (me)
Nebula - ineedfire
Stars - kuschelirmel
Blood drop - dark-dragon-stock
Lines - iz-person
Leaf - thepurpleyard-stock
Fonts - Super Retro M45 (title/author) & Shruti MS Font (binary)

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